imgQueenFront (26K) Angel is an innovative Canadian corporation, providing software products and I.T. consulting services across Canada and around the world.

The mission of the corporation is to deliver leading-edge technology with competitive price through rational design and efficient management. Angel builds unique relationships with customers by putting their needs at the center of its strategic direction. & Beyond TM ... ...


** The front page design conceives a Vision of Harmony. Eight planets surrounding the Sun, the unity of the solar system, forms the dot in the company's trademark logo.

Blue sky and white cloud orchestrate an Eight Diagram. Inside the core a northern light, in shape of Yin-Yang, represents the Canadian identity of the corporation. Inscribed thereon is this incorporation date of a century 2008-8-8. Not only 8 is a lucky number in many cultures, turning 90 degree either way, it becomes infinity.

Under the northern light lies the World map. Embedded within there is a chosen Harmonic Function -- It symbolizes diminishing all differences till 0 (Singularity) to achieve Oneness.